An evening with the Board (October 2012)

Last Tuesday, myself and other fellow Steps to Success students were special guests at the Group’s Annual General Meetings at Kilworth House Hotel. It was lovely to be invited, both as an opportunity to attend an AGM and in recognition of our successful completion of the award-winning Steps to Success programme.

An AGM isn’t something most people get excited about, however I can only report that it was a very enjoyable evening! The formalities and reports were kept to a minimum, with greater focus being on the successes of each organisation in the last year and thank yous from the Chair of each board. It was great to hear first-hand their kind words and I hope that others get this opportunity in the future and that these kind words are passed on to team members.

The evening also featured guest presentations by the author of a report into the lack of recent public investment in housing in the East Midlands and our very own Sara Parkin, who updated the boards on her recent activities as 24 Housing’s Young Leader of the Year 2012.



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