Flat pack homes – the future of housebuilding? (July 2013)

With reductions in grant available to build new housing, should the sector consider cheaper and faster ways to build? Are flat pack homes one way to do this?

“Instant” Homes set to be unveiled in Blackburn<!–


Twin Valley Homes set to pilot revolutionary scheme

Twin Valley Homes is about to begin a revolution in housing in a bid to ease the housing crisis – thanks to “instant” homes.

We’ve teamed up with local company Easybase Homes Ltd to construct the eco-friendly homes in Monmouth Road, Blackburn.

The steel-framed, brick clad semi-detached properties will be constructed off-site in the firm’s Whitebirk factory before being transported to the site where they will be, installed within a single day.

Each home comes in three pieces – ground floor, upper floor and roof – which are slotted together on site like giant sections of flat-pack furniture and theoretically, will be ready to move into the same evening.

The homes come complete with fitted kitchens and bathrooms, double glazing, energy efficient boilers and excellent insulation. They meet the Government’s Sustainable Homes Level 4 criteria, meaning they are extremely economical to run, and kinder to the environment.

Ian Clark, Twin Valley Homes’ Managing Director, said: “We are extremely excited to be bringing these revolutionary properties to Blackburn.

“The shortage of quality, affordable housing has been much publicised, so innovative construction methods such as these can help many more people gain access to their ideal properties.

“Despite the remarkable turnaround time for these houses, they are of extremely high quality – offering style, comfort and low utility bills. We’re expecting lots of interest from other housing associations and local authorities around the country, keen to see this unique project for themselves.”

Twin Valley Homes will be making the homes available for rent and they could be ready to move into by the end of summer



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