Olympics, homelessness and change (August 2012)

Like many teams, the Homelessness Team has regular team meetings to ensure we’re all up-to-date with internal and external goings-on. As team meetings are at risk of being a little dry, we do our best to liven them up with food and fun activities and last week was no different!

To celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games, our latest team meeting took an Olympic theme, with 6 nations being represented on the buffet table (including an English quiche!). The buffet opened following the ceremonial passing of the French baguette (there was no torch for H&S reasons!) and proceedings drew to a close following a tense game of pin the flag on the map.

But there was a serious side to the meeting, including performance information, audit results and corporate project updates. At the end of each meeting, one of the team presents a recent newspaper article to the team that they found interesting and from which hopefully the team can take something back to the day job.

This week it was my turn and I brought a blog post by someone from Bromford Housing Group entitled ‘Disrupt your Industry. Or be Disrupted’.

The blog highlights how a seemingly satisfied customer, calls back when he uses his smartphone to find the part he is waiting for for a repair, is available in his local store. In the blogger’s words, ‘The 21st century customer is smarter’.

The blogger goes on to ask ‘are you going to be one of the disruptors? Innovating and implementing change at a pace that the rest of your sector just can’t keep up with. Or are you destined to be disrupted? Losing ground and competitive advantage. Your customers regarding you as a dinosaur. Inching ever closer to redundancy and eventual oblivion’.

The blogger believes that the housing sector is ripe for disruption; not because it’s bad, but because there are loads of interactions with customers that could be made easier through smart technology – and the Homelessness Team completely agree.

In the discussion that followed my presentation of the article, the team highlighted how years ago the service offered a minimum level of service and how working for a service that is now constantly evolving and improving is more satisfying. Those of you who know the team will know we are very disruptive (in a business improvement sense obviously!) and are keen to continue disrupting the status quo and looking to improve the service and stay ahead in the sector. The recent award success in the team shows that we are already enjoying some success at this.

If you want to find out more about our award success, there is more information here, here, here, here and here



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