What I’ve been reading this week (February 2013)

As I’ve said before, I like to keep a keen eye on the housing news (the daily 60 second housing news bulletin is a great way to do this, sign up here) – here are some of the things I’ve been reading this week

A Shelter blog on Going Digital by Default which discusses the problems of developing digital services purely to achieve financial savings as those who are offline are likely to fall behind – thoughts Louise Invine-Rawlins ?

A story about a London authority that is converting empty garages into pop up homes at £11 a week (apologies its from the Daily Mail!) – what do you think Sara Mackie ?

Searching for funding opportunities on Funding Central

Following on from my last post, keeping up to date with government announcements on new funding opportunities for house building

A post event briefing from A CIH event I went to a couple of weeks ago: Improving you career prospects in housing

Let me know your thoughts, or what you’ve been reading recently below :)



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