Rising Stars: the journey so far

It’s 10 days since the announcement was made by Inside Housing and CIH that I’m in the final of this year’s Rising Stars competition.

I was put through to the final following my entry to the question: how would you go about establishing a campaign which raises housing as a key issue for the forthcoming election?


The title of my campaign idea is ‘Building Together’ and it’s very much rooted in the private sector leasing work we do at Futures Homescape. It’s all about doing something now rather than waiting for the outcome of the next election. We don’t need to wait for the government to issue a policy or create a pot of money that we bid for, there are a lot of things we can do now, with little or no government funding.

Throughout the competition, we three finalists have a number of tasks to complete, including producing a campaign plan. We’ve also been encouraged to shape and test our ideas so that they start to come to life and to get people to support and vote for us.

To this end, so far I have done the following:

  • Started my own blog and posted 3 posts which detail my entry to the competition, how we (PRS team) have adopted a commercial mindset to make profit for a social purpose and how we’ve recently worked in partnership to develop affordable housing without government funding.
  • Created a Pinterest board to inspire the housing sector with examples of developments funded either without Government grant or in a nontraditional way
  • Been interviewed by Inside Housing for the article announcing who’s in the final three of the competition
  • Contacted as many friends, family and colleagues as possible through email, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to ask them to vote for me!
  • Written an article for the Guardian Housing Network on how to turn empty properties into affordable homes
  • Been asked 10 questions by the CIH to find out more about me both personally and professionally
  • Submitted a blog post to the De Montfort University student blog page on the importance of being a student and the benefits that continued studying brings to your professional career. It will be published shortly so keep an eye out.

There are still 8 weeks of the competition to go and at least 3 tasks to complete (an Apprentice-style grilling, a Question Time session and a campaigning master class at Shelter) but I’ve got plenty more cards up my sleeve to further shape, test and promote my campaign idea, so watch this space!

If you’d like to make any comments, suggestions or get involved in any way, please do get in touch :)

And if you haven’t voted for me yet, here’s the link you need:



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