Plotting a course to 2033

I’ve been a bit of a lazy blogger recently, but in my defence, today I have finished my dissertation (yay!), my last task to achieve a BSc Housing from De Montfort University :)

So I hope you will forgive me for recycling some material, below is a link to a presentation I gave at a recent NHF Hot House event for future leaders in the housing sector. I used my presentation as an opportunity to further promote my Rising Stars campaign idea, my work at Futures Homescape and the DMU 100 ideas to change Britain project.

It was a great event and I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with fellow future leaders completing activities such as our key messages to Government (our was ‘the Britain that housing built’), founding a housing association for 2033 and a postcard to our CEO. I have to thank Hannah Allen (24 Housing’s Young Leader of the Year 2013) for telling the NHF they needed to start speaking to the leaders of the future as well as the leaders of today. It was lovely to meet Hannah and we both recorded ‘vox-pops’ which may be featured in the NHF annual conference this September.

Here are my thoughts for 2033 (check out the notes section for a transcript of what I said), it would be great to hear yours: Hot House presentation


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