Channel shift or channel stop?

Hopefully this will be the  first of many posts this year to make up for my almost complete lack of blogging last year (on the bright side we’ve done a lot of decorating and been to a lot of weddings!)

I’ve been involved in many discussions in the last couple of years about channel shift and everything that comes with it, in particular creating ‘self-service portals’ so good customers will never need to pick up the phone again.

But progress throughout the sector seems to be very limited so I wonder if our efforts would be better spent trying to get ahead of the game rather than get to where others were 10 years ago?

Rather than investing hours of meeting time and spending thousands with software companies to allow customers to self-serve, why not focus on removing the need for customers to request service at all? Surely that’s the dream, that there’s no need to get in touch, not being able to check your rent account at midnight in your pajamas?

Don’t call us we’ll call you, to do a property health check to service the house rather than wait for it to breakdown, to action the message we received from the intelligent components in the property, to offer the support we know you need based on the info we hold so tenancies are never breached, you get the idea.

I wonder how many calls for service could have been prevented if we shifted our mindset to proactive rather than reactive?



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